Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time capsule

I thought the time capsule was pretty cool I got to design mine the way I wanted and since I love all the colors I made it rainbow like everywhere. I put a lot of notes to myself, so when I'm older I don't make the same mistakes because I can't and I won't. Really there is like nothing else I put in there except also a fortune cookie which I don't know what it says but I don't think I will eat it when I open it haha. When you see babies on my box you are first gonna be like that's really weird but honestly I don't care what you think, because I honestly think they look funny and cute in there lil costumes. And pretty much my box, I want it to have a meaning when you look at it like a little box of just happiness. Maybe my box could make you smile or laugh.


  1. I love the vans logo and the rainbow colors!! P.s. Hello corynn it's Haley

  2. I really like the bright colors on your box. I also like the babies, like you said it makes the time capsule look bright and give off a happy vibe.

    1. Thanks and haha yea I was going for that

  3. I really like your box Corynn! I like how you put childhood memories on your box and how you made it look colorful!