Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection post

To be honest this year I was so dreading this class I didn't want to be in art. I thought it was gonna be boring, being told what to do not being able to make whatever we wanted. All the sudden I started to warm up to it. Art is a good class to get your mind off things and to relax. Art helped me do that because I was so stressed out actually I'm always stressed out and drawing or painting made me smile and made my day when nothing was going right. Out of all the projects we did I have to be honest and say I really disliked drawing a bike but my favorite was probably the box I made something so simple into rainbow craziness. It's crazy to say this but putting together this box and putting in special things inside made me think about a lot like who I am and how I don't want to make the same mistakes when I'm older. Anyway back to art I learned a lot ....we'll I think I did haha. Art isn't always easy a lot of it is difficult and if you get mad that young can't do it perfect it is fine because nothing is perfect.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time capsule

I thought the time capsule was pretty cool I got to design mine the way I wanted and since I love all the colors I made it rainbow like everywhere. I put a lot of notes to myself, so when I'm older I don't make the same mistakes because I can't and I won't. Really there is like nothing else I put in there except also a fortune cookie which I don't know what it says but I don't think I will eat it when I open it haha. When you see babies on my box you are first gonna be like that's really weird but honestly I don't care what you think, because I honestly think they look funny and cute in there lil costumes. And pretty much my box, I want it to have a meaning when you look at it like a little box of just happiness. Maybe my box could make you smile or laugh.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer time is fun time. The time for camping. Getting away from drama and just spending quality time with my dad brother and I. Time to explore the campsite, set up the tent, and make ourselves at home. I'm that kind of girl that likes nature and bugs and who doesn't care about getting dirty. Every time we go can't wait to go in the river and have fun. One time when we were canoeing my dad saw a bird but is wasn't just any bird it was a bald eagle. We stalked the poor guy for like almost an hour. There are so many adventures and i just love camping.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meaning of blue

Our class had a color to choose to collect things and I wanted purple but the color came out to be blue. We had to collect whatever, but it just had to be blue. Since I was late like always I brought a blue paperclip and i colored a blue piece of paper. I think this is so cool to do this because everyone didn't just bring the same thing everyone brought something different and i thought it was pretty amazing to see all the different things everyone had or found. I thought the most cool part was taking the picture which i will upload separate.
Collecting vs Hoarding    

Our class was discussing about collecting and hoarding, if it is different or if it is the same. I think hoarding is when you just get things and keep it just because and that there is no reason to have them. Mostly hoarding is becoming attached to things that don't really matter but like only matter to you for some odd reason. Collecting is totally different form harding collecting is like a hobby, something to do when you are bored or just something you find really interesting. Collecting is when it means something to you like my friend collects lipgloss, lipgloss is something she loves and uses so she loves to get more and more because it is something she enjoys something that has reason.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

This drawing was very complicated and i hated my bike drawing. Although it was different it was fun to learn new things and talk with my amazing  friends at my table. I dont think i will ever draw a bike in my life again. I learned about composition and the light and how the angle is.🚲🐍🐘🎧