Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection post

To be honest this year I was so dreading this class I didn't want to be in art. I thought it was gonna be boring, being told what to do not being able to make whatever we wanted. All the sudden I started to warm up to it. Art is a good class to get your mind off things and to relax. Art helped me do that because I was so stressed out actually I'm always stressed out and drawing or painting made me smile and made my day when nothing was going right. Out of all the projects we did I have to be honest and say I really disliked drawing a bike but my favorite was probably the box I made something so simple into rainbow craziness. It's crazy to say this but putting together this box and putting in special things inside made me think about a lot like who I am and how I don't want to make the same mistakes when I'm older. Anyway back to art I learned a lot ....we'll I think I did haha. Art isn't always easy a lot of it is difficult and if you get mad that young can't do it perfect it is fine because nothing is perfect.

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